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Pets on Q is a socially responsible animal media company with an all-in-one booking platform. With our proven analytics, qualified follower count, and proprietary valuation formula we take the guesswork out of hiring verified animal influencers and pre-qualified professionally trained set animals. Through our hand vetted process of thousands of animals in our ever-growing database, brands, and production companies you can browse potential talent, see their current valuation, make offers, post ads for campaigns, cast approved animals, AND run your campaigns, all in one place!

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What Sets Us Apart

Campaign Management

  • Manage your campaign from start to finish with our smooth step by step process.
  • Utilize our 6+ years of experience working with the best animals in entertainment.
  • Include a clear definition of your campaign requirements to attract the best animals for your campaign.
  • Each campaign has the ability to both send and receive proposals.
  • Influencers can submit offers, concepts, content, caption, and live links for you to review and respond to.
  • Use our specific content due date and live dates to keep your campaign on schedule.
  • Receive campaign post analytics to measure performance.

Join our platform to

  • Advertise your product or service directly to animal owners.
  • Place ads to receive applications for your campaigns* from influencers or approved set animals.
  • Review accurate influencer analytics and valuation upon their submission.
  • Compare POQ analytics & system valuation with the proposed offer.
  • You have the ability to accept, reject or counter the offer.

  • *Receive one, consistent, free ad on the platform ($250 value)
  • Patent-pending
  • 6+ year experience as the top animal representation/management company
  • Customers have a variety of options when working with potential leads through the booking platform
  • Pets on Q is the only company in the world that has expertise in influencer marketing and is permitted to work with animals on set
  • Through our partnerships with shelters and nonprofits, we help save animals together through your campaigns and production

Pets On Q Technology

  • Search our roster of animal talent.
  • Advanced search capabilities based on; follower count, quality followers, style, training, animal type, demographics and many more.
  • See accurate influencer analytics and valuation before making an offer.
  • Review and make offers directly to your selected animals.
  • Receive campaign post analytics to measure performance.

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